The Montessori Way

I have fallen in love with the Montessori way of life when it comes to teaching our children ever since I read Simone Davies The Montessori Toddler. After reading her book everything seemed to make more sense as to how our children learn and the best ways to stimulate their cravings to be challenged.

I started by creating a Montessori learning environment with my daughter’s bedroom/playroom.  As I was transitioning her from a crib to a big kid bed I wanted something for her that was simple to get on/off of as well as something that I didn’t have to worry about her rolling out of. I came across the Sweedi Toddler Bed from Wayfair and knew it was just what I was looking for. It is a really cute and simple bed as well as an awesome structure to build forts!

I spent a great deal of time organizing and designing the room to tailor it to a toddler. One thing mentioned in the novel is getting on your knees and looking at the room from the level of your toddler. That way you can place artwork and what not so that they can truly appreciate it. This is how I placed artwork + plants in her room so that my daughter could appreciate it. Some artwork I used that she loves is Meishe Vintage Art Posters of botanicals, animals, marine life, vegetables, butterflies, etc. You can check out how I hung them up on my Instagram @raisingalittlehuman + keep an eye out for a blog post soon!

I have many sensory games and Montessori toys that I have on a shelf low enough for my daughter to reach. Some of her favorites are:

Grimms Rainbow Forest

Grimms Large Rainbow

Grimms 12 Rainbow Friends

Grimms Mushroom Sorting Game

Grimms Rainbow Small

Melissa&Doug Cleaning Set

I am a huge fan of Grimm’s toys because of how open-ended they are.  They are on the more expensive side but they will last for years. I also find Jade gets a lot more use out of these toys instead of the cheap plastic ones she plays with for 5 minutes before she is done with it.

Lastly, my two favorite things in her room that she uses all day long is her Pikler Triangle and Wobble Board. These are one of the best investments we have made for her if you have the room I highly suggest getting one for your littles!



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