Say Something Nice About Motherhood

I can not stress this enough. When you meet a new or expecting mother, say something nice about motherhood. A couple weeks ago, I was leaving an appointment I had and a receptionist apologized for her pregnancy brain. I asked her if she knew what she was having and she told me a girl. Me being me, I take any chance to talk about Jade so I told her that I have a little girl at home whos a year and a half and how time has gone by so quickly. I proceeded to tell her how amazing feeling it is to be a mother and that she will never feel so purely and greatly loved once her child comes earthside. We talked a little longer and as I was walking out the door she said: “Thank you so much for saying something nice about motherhood, everyone tries to scare you with horror stories about birth and parenting, I really appreciate what you said.” This has stuck in my head for weeks now. It breaks my heart to think that this expecting mother has heard nothing but the horrors she’s about to endure. The painful birth, sleepless nights, no time for yourself, etc. Although this may be true, and I am not here to sugarcoat motherhood, there is so much more good to say than bad.

Now that I think back to when I was having Jade I can barely tell you anything people said positive about being a parent. No one mentioned how you will experience pure and honest love for the first time. They never mentioned how good it feels to have their tiny little arms embrace you. No one said how full your heart would feel watching them peacefully sleep. There are so many good things you can say about motherhood, the list goes on and on.

Next time you encounter and expecting mother or new mother say something good.

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