Taming the Mane

I get a lot of questions about dealing with a curly-headed babe. Taming her hair is hard enough but adding the summer humidity makes it even more difficult. I myself have naturally curly hair as well so I do know a few tips and tricks to keep my hair tamed. Unlike me, Jade is too young to use all of the product I do especially with her sensitive skin that’s why I did some research and found products that work best with her hair + skin.

Bath Routine

When it comes to dealing with Jade’s curls I have a bath routine that helps a lot with keeping her hair smooth and under control.

  • We shampoo + condition her hair with The Honest Co. We like to use the Lavender Shampoo and the Lavender Conditioner. I really like the shampoo since it doubles as a body wash as well and both products smell fantastic. This wash is the best because it is so gentle, Jade has really sensitive skin on her face and has little baby breakouts easily but with this product, they are gone quickly.
  • We wash and scrub her hair as you normally would with shampoo, it is the conditioner that is the key. We lather her hair with a couple pumps of conditioner and really rub it through her hair. Then I like to take a comb and gently brush the conditioner through her hair which is what I think really makes the difference.
  • After that, I let the conditioner soak in her hair for a few minutes and rinse it out.
  • When I take her out of the bath I let her run around and air dry her hair before bed. I find that if she goes to bed and lays down with wet hair then her hair gets knotty and frizzy.

Morning Routine

In the morning I keep it pretty simple.

  • I brush her hair gently starting from the back to the front, this is the best way to get her hair untangled.
  • Then I dampen her hair and spray The Honest Co. Conditioning Detangler and brush it through her hair
  • After that, I style her hair whatever way I want and she is good to go!

Through the day if it gets wild (especially after she naps) I just run water through her hair to keep it neat and tidy. If all else fails a hat always works!

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