Best Bathing Suits

All girls know how hard it can be to find a bathing suit that fits you properly and especially after having a baby I was having the hardest time trying to find a bathing suit for the summer. After giving birth my hips had grown so much but my upper body was still small so finding the right size was impossible. All of my bathing suit problems were solved when I found Bridget McCluckie’s personalized bathing suits.

How it works:

Bridget takes your measurements, the pattern you like and the style and creates a bathing suit tailored to fit you perfectly.


Bridget always had a passion for fashion and even sewed her own prom dress which led her friend to ask her if she could make her a bathing suit since she had trouble finding one that fit her. This inspired Bridget to start her own business making custom-made bathing suits instead of working another retail job she decided to become her own boss. Since starting her business she has been getting a handful of clients so act fast!




Instagram- Bridgetmccluckie

Phone number: 905-570-2073

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