Getting pregnant at seventeen and becoming a teen mom at 18 comes with a lot of obstacles, graduating is one of them. I am proud to say that I was able to walk across the stage with all of my fellow peers and accept my diploma while achieving honors and an award for hard work and perseverance. As I walked across the stage I felt not only so much pride but a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing that my hard work has paid off.  Graduating on time was a huge obstacle for me considering that I was pregnant all through the first semester and went to school up until two weeks until Jade was born which was at the beginning of the second semester. I, fortunately, was able to do my university courses online so that I was able to complete my last three credits while beginning my journey as a new mom with my newborn. I am so proud to say that I finished high school, went to the gym to get back into shape, maintained relationships with friends and family, kept the romance going in my personal relationship and much more while dealing taking care of a newborn. None of this would have been possible without all of the amazing support around me.

There are many people that have helped me through this journey and continue to help me such as my parents Don and Keli and my beautiful sister Sydni are the best family a girl could as for. From the moment I told them that I was pregnant, they have been a huge support and have given me so much love every step of the way through this life-changing experience. My boyfriend Quinn has also been a wonderful support to me and our daughter, it was certainly a rocky road at first but he has been my best friend for over three years and I would not have been able to graduate if it wasn’t for him motivating me to never give up. His family has also been a massive support to me with helping so much with Jade so that I can complete work and have a break, I am so lucky to be able to call them apart of my family. My best friends Dayna, Zoe and Haley have been huge supporters throughout my pregnancy and becoming a new mom no words can thank them enough for all they have done for me. Lastly, for people that went to school with me whom may be reading this, I thank you all. Even though I am very sure many things were said when I revealed I was pregnant I never heard much. All of you made this terrifying experience so much better, I was given so much love and support from so many people and many people I didn’t even know and I can’t thank you all of you enough for that.

Even though I have now completed high school and have gotten through this obstacle I still face University which will be extremely difficult, but, I know I can do it will all of the amazing support I have and my beautiful daughter by my side motivating me every step of the way to give her the best life I possibly can.



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