I would just like to start off this post saying that I love my daughter so much, more then anyone could ever imagine and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that even though it was a big surprise since precautions were taken I think that there is a reason why I got pregnant when I did. That being said I would like everyone to read this and listen up about the truth:

Truth is being a mom is hard. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS ON INSTAGRAM, TWITTER OR FACEBOOK IT IS NOT AS GLAMOROUS AS IT LOOKS. Since becoming pregnant I am so concerned, I am seeing more and more teen pregnancy. No one realizes how hard it actually is and no one wants to even hear about it either. When I got pregnant everyone would tell me how hard it is going to be and I always shook it off as if it was nothing. All I would think about was “how hard could it be all they do is eat, poop and sleep” looking back I see how stupid I was. Once I had Jade and I would see other girls having babies I would tell them how hard it was and they would always brush it off just as I did. Once they had their babies they would always message me and say “oh my god this is the hardest thing in the world I should have listened to you.” No one can truly grasp how hard it is but let me see if I can try to explain it:

As much as I love my daughter, listen up, I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO WAIT. There are girls having babies just for the Instagram pictures, to keep their boyfriend/relationship and girls that are having sex without any contraceptives what so ever. Wait as long as you can do not brush posts off like this just as I did. Having a baby with someone does not mean that they will stay with you, most likely it will repel them more since it puts so much stress on the relationship. If you are going to have a baby be ready for this: Be ready to feel like you have been hit by a train (no exaggeration), be ready to clean many toxic smelling diapers constantly, be ready to constantly be feeding to the point your nipples bleed, be ready to constantly having to bathe them, cut their nails, and clean their ears, be ready to no longer be able to treat yourself to that special Starbucks drink because all your money goes to your baby, be ready to watch your friends go out for dinner and to parties without you, be ready to watch your friends go off to school without you and most of all say goodbye to your freedom. You will not be able to go anywhere unless you pack a bag full of spit up blankets, bottles, clothes if they poop through the ones there wearing,  bibs, sunscreen and much more. You cant go anywhere before you buckle your baby up into a car seat and waddle out of the house with a baby bag and a baby in a heavy car seat as you juggle to lock the front door. Even if you just have to run to the store to grab bread you will not be able to go without doing a million things just to run out to grab one thing. Something as simple as going for a spray tan or getting your nails done you will not be able to do unless you have someone watching your baby since you cant bring a baby into a nail salon because of the fumes and you cant bring a baby into a spray tan room while you are getting sprayed with chemicals. People need to smarten up and realize that having a baby is a full-time commitment, it is not like playing with a doll even though they are fun to dress they are hard work!

I have so many people constantly messaging me and telling me how lucky I am and that they can not wait to have a baby. I agree I am extremely lucky, I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl but does not mean it’s not the hardest thing I have ever done even though it looks so glamorous on Instagram.

Lastly, I would like to say that I have no regrets, I love being a mom to my beautiful daughter. It is the best job I have ever had. As awful as I made being a mother out to be I would not change it for the world. Words can not describe my love for my daughter I would die for her in a heartbeat. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and there is nothing I would not do for her that is why I have sacrificed so much for her.



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